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Funding for your favorite projects

Welcome to Kickstarter Coaching!

We can help you get funding to do the projects that will help you accomplish your goals.  Working with us does not involve borrowing money or selling equity in your organization to get the funds.  Our approach does not involve filling out hundred page grant applications.  You don't have to research foundation grants or become an expert on grant writing.  We help you use Kickstarter or other crowdfunding websites to raise the funds you need to convert project ideas into reality.  Contact us if you'd like Kickstarter help or to learn more about Kickstarter fundraising.
   Somewhere in your office is a file about the project you've wanted to run for months...or even years.  Perhaps you even looked into small business grants and started working on a grant proposal...but were daunted by the hundreds of questions.  You're confident that the public would support your idea, but you don't have the budget dollars to fund it.  Crowdfunding is the answer to this problem.  You can run a Kickstarter campaign to do the project without being obligated to do the project unless the public provides the needed funding.
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   The fundamentals of crowdfunding are very simple.  You describe your project in a mini web page on one of the crowdfunding websites explaining what your project is about and why it's important.  Your page also describes the thank you gifts you'll provide to people for supporting your project.  For example, contributors might get a DVD about the project.  You spread the word about your project and people visit the site to see what you're doing...and some of them make contributions.  

   If you've not yet heard of Kickstarter and crowdfunding you may wonder if this approach is feasible.  Kickstarter is the leading crowdfunding website but there are quite a few.  In 2012 Kickstarter successfully funded over 18,000 campaigns that raised $320 million.  In 2013 Kickstarter raised $480 million, in 2014 Kickstarter raised $529 million, and in 2015 Kickstarter raised $692 million!

     We'd like to learn about you and your favorite project.  We'd like to help you navigate the exciting new world of crowdfunding and help you achieve your goals without having to apply for grants.  Let us know how we can help!
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